Nightfire Source is a complete remake of the popular Nightfire game, but then on a different engine packed with new features and classic content in HD.
The original game was released on several consoles and PC. Two complete different worlds and different games. Yet both the games had their better aspects. Nightfire Source contains the best parts of both consoles and turns them even better.

It doesn’t matter if you originally played the PC or the console version. You will enjoy Nightfire Source.

Play one of the popular classic game modes such as Capture The Flag, Death Match, or try out a new one. In Capture The Flag you run to the enemy base and steal their flag. Run back to score if your own flag is still present. Your team will have to make sure your flag doesn’t get lost. Teamwork is the key of success.

In Death Match or Team Death Match you run around and kill the enemy team or everybody, depending on the team settings. Always keep in mind that the other team is your biggest enemy. Your goal is to eliminate them.


Would you conquer or save the world?

Two teams with two very different missions. The one with good intentions and the one with bad intentions.


All your favourite Nightfire characters will make their come back!

Gain extra power

overviewextrapower-b Pick up one of these in maps supporting power-ups.

Ammo (yellow) constantly adds ammo until the full amount, Health (blue) slowly heals you, Battery (orange) makes Q-specs constantly charged or last longer,
Speed (green) gives you extra speed and Skull (red) adds extra damage to your shots.