UPDATE INFO: v0.0.6.4 Released

v0.0.6.4 has been released and available to download through the Game Updater. This updates includes the option to play against bots!


-Added multiplayer bots (controlled with ‘bot_add’ and “bot_count” console commands). They are a work in progress
-Updated dm_japan, dm_office graphics (still a work in progress)
-Various bugfixes in dm_austria
-Fixed upside down lights in dm_knox and performance issues
-Added new weapons: Laser Rifle (weapon_laserrifle), Up11 Dart Gun (weapon_up11)
-Added proximity mine feature
-Fixed invisible frag grenade view model
-Fixed entity_light entity
-Updated BSP Compilers: made .rad files function like GoldSrc in that the face specified as a texlight gets lit as well as emitting light from itself, changed default lightmap maxsize, disabled tjunction splitting by default (can be enabled with -tjunc), added ability to disable world splitting by hint brushes with vbsp (-nobspsplitonhint), added -ambient command line arg to vrad to allow global illumination values for maps
-Fixed bondmines not respawning
-Fixed flashlight not shining on player models
-Fixed player models not casting shadows
-Fixed tripmine laser beams
-Various small fixes to models and textures
-Fixed crash to desktop with bondmine in third person
-Fixed ‘player has joined team’ message on main menu
-Removed many maps that were not meant to be released yet
-Fixed bug with gadget select
-Updated to latest SDK, now requires ‘beta-test’ instead of ‘upcoming’ SDK Base branch
-Various other bugfixes that have not been tracked