Where do we stand today

NightFire: Source is still in development. Although the progress is slow we want to inform you that we are still working on the mod.

This blog hasn’t been updated in a long time. For game updates that we released after 2016, please check the releases room on our Discord channel.

On the screenshot below, you can see that we recently did some hud scaling fixes.

UPDATE INFO: v0.0.6.4 Released

v0.0.6.4 has been released and available to download through the Game Updater. This updates includes the option to play against bots!


-Added multiplayer bots (controlled with ‘bot_add’ and “bot_count” console commands). They are a work in progress
-Updated dm_japan, dm_office graphics (still a work in progress)
-Various bugfixes in dm_austria
-Fixed upside down lights in dm_knox and performance issues
-Added new weapons: Laser Rifle (weapon_laserrifle), Up11 Dart Gun (weapon_up11)
-Added proximity mine feature
-Fixed invisible frag grenade view model
-Fixed entity_light entity
-Updated BSP Compilers: made .rad files function like GoldSrc in that the face specified as a texlight gets lit as well as emitting light from itself, changed default lightmap maxsize, disabled tjunction splitting by default (can be enabled with -tjunc), added ability to disable world splitting by hint brushes with vbsp (-nobspsplitonhint), added -ambient command line arg to vrad to allow global illumination values for maps
-Fixed bondmines not respawning
-Fixed flashlight not shining on player models
-Fixed player models not casting shadows
-Fixed tripmine laser beams
-Various small fixes to models and textures
-Fixed crash to desktop with bondmine in third person
-Fixed ‘player has joined team’ message on main menu
-Removed many maps that were not meant to be released yet
-Fixed bug with gadget select
-Updated to latest SDK, now requires ‘beta-test’ instead of ‘upcoming’ SDK Base branch
-Various other bugfixes that have not been tracked

UPDATE INFO: v0.0.6.1 Released

v0.0.6.1 has been released and available to download through the Game Updater.


-Powerup sounds no longer play as if everyone in the area is carrying it.
-Separated Gadgets and Weapons. You can now easily switch between gadgets and weapons with a single button, like the original game. Can be toggled with command “selectmode”, available in the options keybinds menu
-Added Alternative Fire Mode 2 to keybinds (default mouse3/middle mouse button).
-Fixed server crash if a player disconnects while carrying a powerup
-Added MI6 Stealth, Kiko, and Zoe player models
-Improved the gaps in the Oddjob character model.
-Player models are now randomly selected in deathmatch, and in CTF/TDM they will be randomly selected based on team
-Improved weapon spread and recoil system that rewards skill. Accuracy is dependent on several factors now, including movement and time between shots, and type of weapon
-Fixed hidden weapons/gadgets in the weapon select carousel
-Music no longer restarts when a new player joins the server
-Fixed a few memory leaks in the CTF game mode
-Updated dm_japan
-Ammo HUD indicator is replaced with Nightfire style ammo indicators. Removed HL2 ammo indicator.
-Added item_arrowshooter entity. Can be used to create traps in levels.
-Updated ctf_knox music
-Updated gunbarrel sequence
-VASTLY improved helicopter controls.
-Added a roll cap so players don’t flip helicopters upside down.
-Fixed weapon scopes not working after flying a helicopter.
-Fixed server crash if player disconnects while flying a helicopter.
-Helicopters no longer move forward and up at the same time at a static rate. Forward/Up movement is now based on pitch.
-Made helicopters not take damage from the skybox.
-Updated the hitbox on helicopters.
-Fixed helicopters colliding with trigger brushes.
-Fixed helicopter obscuring the player’s view.
-Fixed incorrect helicopter HUD controls
-Added speed control to helicopters. Change with Altfire 2 (Middle Mouse)
-Fixed MP9 burst fire only firing two bullets after a full reload.
-Fixed MP9 burst fire and animations not being predicted properly.
-Fixed MP9 recoil
-Fixed minigun recoil
-Added the ability for a server to change a player’s view angle and offset
-Players can now be killed while driving a vehicle
-Fixed rocket launcher firing another guided missile if exiting guided rocket mode after the initial cycle time
-Fixed rocket launcher firing another rocket if the player uses primary attack while flying a guided missile
-Fixed potential server crash when exiting guided rocket mode
-Fixed map time limit counter not being centered
-Reduced the size of the weapon muzzleflashes
-Fixed the commando laser lag.
-Commando lasers now show up for all players in the right place
-Fixed tickrate not setting properly
-Replaced inline assembly for the tickrate function
-Fixed cl_updaterate engine hook for listen servers
-Changed default zoom_sensitivity_ratio to 0.2
-zoom_sensitivity_ratio is now stored on game exit
-Shotgun is now one shot kill to the head
-New wood footstep sounds
-New Frinesi and P99 fire sounds
-Fixed off-center Commando scope
-Increased overall brightness of CTF_Romania
-Lowered volume of helicopter

First mention of NightFire: Source

The idea to start working on a new version of NightFire was first found on the Community Forums of the NightFire fan site. Although it got quite the attention, plans didn’t work out and it was soon forgotten. Later in 2013 the development of the mod was mentioned again.

With bigger success, an informative website was launched and soon followed the forums so players could start connecting and sharing their ideas.

In just a few months, the website and the name NightFire: Source went viral. We got a lot of attention and even gained a few new developers out of it.